Next Steps

Have you recently made a decision to follow Jesus Christ? Have you asked the question, "What is my next step?" or maybe “How do I get connected?” We are glad you asked.

Growth Tracks is the answer. It is a three (3) week class that will help you gather and connect to others, grow in every area of your life, and go in the direction that God has for you.

Growth Tracks will guide you through the process of:

  • First Steps - Whether you are a new believer or life long believer, Growth Tracks will guide you into a better understanding of where you are in your relationship with Jesus.
  • Water Baptism - Practiced by and commanded by Jesus in scripture, this is an essential part of our Christian faith. To get more information on Water Baptism or to get signed up for the next scheduled baptism, fill out the contact form below.
  • Membership - This does not signify salvation. At War Hill we believe that membership exists so that you can find a safe place to fulfill the call God has placed on your life.
  • Serving - Scripture is clear that we are to live in the image of Christ. His image was one of service; He served his disciples, the community, and the world. So we to should serve, through Growth Tracks you will find where available opportunities to serve this local body and the community.

To get signed up for the next available Growth Track class, take a moment to fill out the contact form.

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